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About Life Community Church


We value people, all people, because God loves all people--passionately. 

We are an elder lead church

We believe that the Bible clearly teaches a plurality of elders to lead the church.  We believe and adhere to the teaching in 1 Timothy 3 for biblical eldership. 


We value fellowship because God created us to join Him in community and to grow and prosper as people in community with others. Whether small, large, informal, or structured gatherings with purpose are core to what we do.

The Bible

We value the Bible because it is the food for God’s good life in us and through us. It is His voice declaring His timeless wisdom and we stand firm on its truth.


We value prayer because of its transforming power.  It is a time for

us to draw close to Him and deepen our relationship with God.


We value being real. There’s no need to pretend we’re something we’re not—God knows the real us anyway.

Teaching Pastor



Ramsey Tripp

Coming Soon !

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